From the inside out.

By Dana Bufalino,
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach



Nutrition is actually quite simple. And that’s exactly what makes it so complicated. Eat real, move every day, sleep well, drink water and HAVE FUN. Simple enough, right?

The difficulty is that this looks different to everyone. Some people thrive off of a plant-based menu, others live their best life with a little bit of meat. Movement looks different for everyone too...as does sleep, water and fun.

We’ll work WITH your preferences as opposed to against them creating a positive lifestyle and environment that allows you to THRIVE instead of a life of restrictions, eliminations and limitations that leaves you feeling deprived.


The experience

One-on-One Health Coaching

We’ll discuss your current diet, lifestyle and roadblocks + your goals, symptoms food preferences and sensitivities. From there, I’ll send suggestions, tips, what foods to focus on and what foods to eliminate.

Meal Planning

Custom meal plans designed uniquely for your goals, dietary restrictions and preferences

Food Sensitivity Testing

At-home testing that measures your body's igG response to 96 common foods in the Western diet to determine what foods should be eliminated from your diet.


Workshops + Retreats

Events that bring Charleston’s wellness community together to collaboratively heal, teach and inspire. 


Teaching wellness
inside and out.

Dana Bufalino is a certified holistic health coach and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Taught by many of the most innovative leaders of the holistic nutrition community, including Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Andrew Weil, her approach to holistic living is well balanced and highly researched.

She’s passionate about making nutrition easy to implement and understand, budget friendly, convenient and manageable.

Dana’s specialties include food sensitivities, migraine, anxiety, fertility, hormone balance and healthy skin & natural beauty.